Our mission is to unite and align key diabetes stakeholders and the larger diabetes community around key diabetes-related policy and legislative efforts in order to elevate diabetes on the national agenda.

Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP)

Beginning April 1, 2018, Medicare began covering the diabetes prevention program for eligible Medicare beneficiaries with no cost-sharing. CMS has taken an important step to empower beneficiaries at risk for type 2 diabetes to prevent or delay the disease’s onset and reach their full health potential through this program. The MDPP provides an important avenue to bend an alarming cost curve in public health spending; the CMS Actuary has certified the program saves $2,650 per beneficiary over 15 months. Successful implementation of this benefit is a top priority for the DAA, and we are committed to working with CMS to ensure that eligible beneficiaries have access to qualified programs that suit their individual needs and drive better health outcomes.