Our mission is to unite and align key diabetes stakeholders and the larger diabetes community around key diabetes-related policy and legislative efforts in order to elevate diabetes on the national agenda.

DAA Activities

The DAA and its members plan and conduct a variety of activities that are designed to raise awareness among policymakers and legislators to advance the DAA's policy priorities. What follows is one example of activities since inception of the DAA in 2010.

Media Advocacy Campaign to Support Diabetes Prevention

During the month of April 2011, the DAA and Novo Nordisk (a DAA co-chair) jointly sponsored a targeted advertising campaign that urged Congress and the Administration to fund the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The National DPP is an innovative program that is making evidence-based, cost-effective type 2 diabetes prevention programs available in local communities across America. The National DPP was authorized in the Affordable Care Act, and to date, Congress has appropriated $10 million for the National DPP. Achieving full funding of the NDPP is a priority for the DAA.

The ad campaign carried the theme, "Let's Prevent Diabetes," and urged people to visit the campaign Web site to learn about the NDPP and type 2 diabetes prevention. The campaign consisted of print, radio, and new media ads, all with consistent messages designed to make the viewer or listener stop, think and ask the question, "Why are we not trying to prevent type 2 diabetes in America?"

The most visually provocative component of the campaign was the "Station Domination" tactic employed at the Union Station and Capitol South Metro system stations. At these locations, the campaign purchased all available posters and backlit advertising spaces, making the campaign and its messages all but unavoidable to those Capitol Hill staffers that frequent these stations.

In a series of ads with very brief messages, the campaign asked viewers to think about why type 2 diabetes prevention is not a priority for America, given its epidemic growth and extraordinary human and economic costs. The ads reminded viewers of other public health challenges that America has successfully addressed, such as prevention of the flu, auto traffic deaths, drowning, and poisoning, and asked, if we have had the collective will to prevent these serious problems, then why can't we do the same for type 2 diabetes? After all, the scientific and research communities have conclusively demonstrated that type 2 diabetes can be prevented; there is a model that can deliver these programs cost effectively; it's now a matter of making type 2 diabetes prevention a public health priority.

The DAA and Novo Nordisk ad campaign included ads in the print versions of Roll Call, Politico, The National Journal, National Journal Daily, and CQ Today, and the online versions of the Washington Post, Politico, and the National Journal. Campaign messages also were featured on National Public Radio (NPR) and WTOP-FM, the number one rated radio station in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

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The Diabetes Caucus and Briefings on Capitol Hill

The DAA and its members interact routinely with members of the Congressional Diabetes Caucus in pursuit of policies and legislation that will advance diabetes prevention, care, and research. Since inception, the DAA has worked with members of the Diabetes Caucus to plan and host three briefings on Capitol Hill.

On March 26, 2012, the DAA sponsored a widely attended lunch briefing “Changing the Course of Diabetes” for Members of Congress, their staffers, and stakeholder organizations. This briefing was hosted by Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), co-chair Congressional Diabetes Caucus, and Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). Four speakers presented on the critical role of screening in changing the course of diabetes.

The DAA hosted a widely attended event on Capitol Hill on March 29, 2011, that was an open invitation to Members of Congress, their staff, and stakeholder organizations to learn more about the Diabetes Caucus.

On May 10, 2011, the DAA sponsored a widely attended lunch briefing on Capitol Hill for new Members of Congress, their staff, and stakeholder organizations. The event included presentations about the overall problem of diabetes in America, and featured the National Diabetes Prevention Program as one potential solution to begin to stem the tide of the epidemic of type 2 diabetes.

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