National Clinical Care Commission

The DAA advocated for many years for legislation passed in 2018 that established the National Clinical Care Commission (NCCC). The Commission had a wide range of responsibilities, addressing diabetes as both a medical condition and a societal challenge, and investigating how federal agencies with interests in diabetes might better coordinate their research and programs to the best benefit for people with and at risk of diabetes.

The Commission was required to complete its work in three years and deliver a report of its recommendations to Congress, which it did in January 2022. This report is comprehensive, its 150+ pages including overall foundational recommendations to address diabetes, specific recommendations in the areas of population-level diabetes prevention and control, diabetes prevention in targeted populations, and treatment and complications.

The DAA has identified several NCCC recommendations that relate most closely to DAA strategic priorities and plans to educate policymakers and legislators about the urgency of implementing these recommendations. See the DAA’s NCCC advocacy brief for more information.

The Commission’s full report is available here.

On July 13, 2022, the DAA co-sponsored a webinar with the Congressional Diabetes Caucus, designed for Members of Congress and their staff, to learn about recommendations for improving diabetes prevention and care from the Congressionally mandated National Clinical Care Commission, which issued its final report to Congress in January 2022.

To view the webinar, click here.

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