About Us

The DAA is diverse in scope, with our 29 members representing patient, professional and trade associations, other non-profit organizations, and corporations, all united to change the way diabetes is viewed and treated in America.

DAA members meet every two weeks by one-hour telephone conference call, and quarterly in longer virtual or in-person meetings. Any member can offer a topic for discussion. DAA workgroups are formed to allow members with common interests to pursue discussions and support for specific policy or legislative proposals.

Co-chairs are elected by DAA members and serve for 2-3 years on average. Current co-chair organizations of the DAA are the American Medical Association and the YMCA of the USA.

  • Began work in 2010 with legislators and policymakers to increase awareness of, and action on, the diabetes epidemic.
  • Strive to elevate diabetes on the national agenda so we may ultimately defeat this treatable, but also potentially deadly chronic disease.
  • Seek to advance person-centered policies, practical models, and legislation that can improve the health and well-being of people with diabetes and prediabetes.
  • Work to combat health disparities and address social determinants of health. Our educational outreach also illustrates the health equity implications of existing or new policies, regulations, and legislation, and provides alternatives to address the drivers of these inequities.
  • Advocate to highlight key strategies to prevent, detect and manage diabetes and care for those affected by it.


To unite and align key diabetes stakeholders and the larger diabetes community around diabetes-related policy and legislative efforts to elevate diabetes on the national agenda.


To influence change in the US health care system to improve diabetes prevention, detection, and care and to speed the development of pathways to cures for diabetes.

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